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Seasonal tires; these are the most common tires found on most cars.
 If you see M and S (mud and snow) printed on the tire the tire is good for
regular weather and snow, there is no need to buy other snow tires.

 Snow Tires; If you live in a heavy snow area, it might be necessary
to purchase these. Use them only when necessary because they are
hard on your car, noisey, and do not handle well on the dry roads.

 Run Flat Tires; These tires have special inserts inside that keep the
tires from in because they don't have there regular air pressure in them.
You can drive these tires up to 45 miles without damageing them.
Speeding on these tires while at low pressure can cause damage.

Performance Tires; These are racing tires that are built to handle high
 speed. they provide more safety on curves, and braking. They may wear
out more quickly. The best advise I can give on tires is to buy the best
quality you can. do not be cheap on tire prices, as they might save your life.

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