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Checking Your Battery

Check Your Battery The battery is made in many sizes and prices just like everything else. The better ones cost a little more,but are usually more dependable.[better cold cranking amps] I usually get the better CCA readings that will fit in the battery holder. Most times, the bigger CCA has the longest warrenty on them. The RC [Reserve Capacity ]powers your vehicles electrical system when your alternator stops working to keep it charged. RC time, is how long your vehicle will keep operating after the charging system stops working. Most of the time, the bigger RC and CCA battery will last longer to keep your vehicle running longer. In a boat,most motors have a charging system.A trolling motor does not have a a charging sysyem, so the specified battery, is the kind you want for this kind of equiptment, Look at your warrenty. How many months will the battery be replaced free? Do they pro-rate the battery after that time? You should get advice from your mechanic or local parts store, on prices and values before you buy a battery.

Even after changing the battery the car still runs bad, maybe its time to get a new car.

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