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                         Driving on Ice

First of all, get to know your car, and the way it handles

on different road conditions.Not all cars handle the

same.Practice makes perfect. Try to find an empty

parking lot.Practice slow-speed maneuvers on snowy

or icey lot.

Encountering icey roads and hazardous roads does not

have to be just in winter climate areas.If the

temperature drops to around 32 degrees, the roads can

get icey. That means the driving conditions change, and you

must drive with caution. Slow down.

Black Ice is another danger. This is sometimes not

visible.Extreamly dangerous.This ice forms in shady

areas where there is lakes and rivers.Slow down

when around these areas.

When traveling on these roads, be sure to steer and

brake slower than usual.Stay at least three car lengths

behind the person in front of you.

Remenber that certain roads, because of location and

and lack of sun are bound to be more slippery. Proceed

with caution.

Front wheel drive cars will handle better on slippery

roads.The traction improves because the weight of the

car,is on the drive wheels.

Rear wheel drive doesn't handle as well because there

is no weight on the rear wheels.They tend to slide from

side to side on turns.You might want to add some weight

to the rear of your car, like sandbags to help balance the

weight of the car.

Check out your owners manual to see what type of

brakes you have,then follows instructions on how to

apply them.

ABS These are anti-lock brakes. If used correctly.

they have more advantages. You should apply stead

pressure to the brake pedal during the entire stop.

These brakes will automatically pump themselves,

if necessary,so the wheels won't lock.

NEVER pump the brake yourself.Keep your foot on the

brake continuously until you have completelt stopped.

I hope this has helped you to understand how to drive

 safely in winter conditions.

Maybe you'd like to check out new cars with more safety features.

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