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How to change your own Oil and Oil Filter

Changing your own oil You will need these idems to change your own oil: 1. New Oil 2. New Oil Filter 3. Some old rags( or paper towels) 4. A pan to catch the old oil in, kitty litter, or any open pan that will hold 2 gallons or more 5. A container, or containers to store the used oil in till it is properly disposed of 6. An oil filter wrench to remove the old filter 7. A pair of car ramps, or a pair of jackstands and jack 8. Blocks to block the rear wheels 9. A funnel to add the new oil to engine 10. A wrench to remove the drain plug, should be a boxed end or socket that fits drain plug snug so the plug doesn't round off 11. Old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty 12. Saftey glasses DO Not Go Under A Vehicle Supported Only By A Jack! To Many Needless Injuries And Deaths Have Resulted From This Carelessness! Set car on car ramps, or jack stands You should change your oil at 3,000 to insure a longer engine life, some manufacturers recommendations are higher, but if you are going to change it yourself I recommend 3,000 or 3,500 to be on the safe side, and preserve the life of the engine. OK , are you ready to start? The first thing is to get the car in position on the ramps or jack stands and block the wheels. The oil should be warm eneough to flow out freely.The ground should be allmost level where you place the car for the oil change to be safe.Push the emerengy brake on,if you have an automatic transmission, place in park. Block the rear wheels. Place your container to catch the oil under the drain plug in the oil pan, The plug turns counter-clockwise to remove, after the oil has drained, replace the plug ( don't overtighten ),now to change the oil filter, place the catch pan under the old filter and place the oil filter remover wrench on old filter and turn counter-clockwise, when the filter has beeen removed, drain the oil out in catch container and set it aside, check that the gasket is still on the filter and not stuck to the engine, clean the housing where you remover the filter from, using a clean rag, or paper towels. Take a few drops of the new oil and put it on the gasket of the new filter, smear it around the new filter gasket so it will seal properly. Tighten the new filter by hand till snug, then tighten another 1/4 turn or so by hand,do not use the filter wrench to tighten, if you get it to tight it will cause it to leak! Make sure the drain plug is in place! Wipe filter clean. Find the cap there you add oil on top of the engine, (says Oil or Oil Fill), remove cap and (place funnel in hole)add the new oil,your car manual will tell you what amount to add, then replace oil fill cap.Check the dipstick,it should say a little over full (since the filter hasn't filled yet), depending on how level the car is setting and where the dipstick is located in the engine. Start up the engine and go back under the car and check the filter for leaks, if everthing is OK,let it run a couple minutes check again, if OK you can let the car down after removing everthing from under the car. (Now is a good time to give car a grease job.) While you have it up where you can get to the fittings. Set car on level ground, shut the engine off, wait a mimute or two and check the oil,pull the dipstick out and wipe with a clean rag, or paper towel, Do not over fill,use the recommended amount. To much oil could damage the engine! Now its time to pour the old oil out of pan and into the containers, take it to local garage to have them dispose of it or to the county's recycle program. Check the belts, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and fill as needed.Check the battery cables for corrosion. That should rap up your oil change.

Even by changing your oil  does your car still run bad?

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