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Safety First
When working under your car never trust a jack to hold it up! A jack can slip out from under the car in a split second, and this happens all to often, allowing the car to fall.(you don't to be under it!) Always use quality jack stands or car ramps to support the car before going under the car. If you don't have cement to park the car on, put a 12"x12" piece of plywood under each jack stand to make sure they don't sink in the ground or asphalt leaving them unstable. Do not try to remove large parts such as the engine or transmission wiithout using the proper equipment to lift or support them. Always make sure to disconnect the battery ground cable before working on your car. (it takes less than a miniute and could save you and the car from damage) Never work around flammable liquids in an enclosed place without proper ventilation,The fumes from gas and cleaning solvents can expload even in the open ! Make sure you have a proper Fire Extinguisher in the area in case of fire. Be sure you know how to use it Be a sunshine or shade tree mechanic if you have the moter running, exhaust fumes contain deadly gases, that are colorless, odorless, and can kill you, and you don't even realalize its there. Never work in an enclosed area with the motor running. Not even for a moment. Always make safety a priority in anything you do!

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