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Winterizing Your Car

Winterize Your Car 1. Check coolant 2. Check Hoses 3. Check Wiper Blades 4. Check Washer Fluid 5. Check Tires 6. Scraper/Brush 7. Gas Tank 8. Extra Supplies 9. Tune Up 10. Cell Phone 11. Check Insurance 12. Check Battery 13. Check Belts 1. The anti-freeze in the cooling system should be 50/50 minimum for winter and summer driving, in the winter it keeps system from freezing, in the summer it raises the boiling point, Freeze protection to -34 degrees F, Boiling protection to +265 degrees F 2. Make sure the hoses on the cooling system are in good shape, check for dry rot,colasped, or bulges in all hoses. 3. Make sure the windshield wipers are in good shape, If they are worn, replace with new ones. 4. Keep the windsheild washer fluid full, the salt on the roads make snow slushy, It seams that no matter if you drive slow or fast you get a windshield full of slush from the other drivers, which turns your windshield to a shade of white. (time for the washers) 5. Check tires for wear, make sure they are made for winter driving, even if you go south to Fla. or other mild climates there is a chance an emergency could arise, causing unexcepted driving in winter conditions. 6. Make sure you have a good windshield scraper, and snow brush for cleaning the widows, a can of spray de-icer can come in handy for for iced up windows. 7. The gas tank should be kept full, or at least above 1/2 full mark. due to the temperature changing from warm in the day time (making moisture in the tank) to cold at night. (condensing the moisture to water in the tank) The car doesn't run well on water.(Ha Ha) If you should get stranded, you may need the extra fuel to keep the car running an extended length of time for a source of heat, until you are out of trouble. 8. Keep extra supplies in the trunk,some old clothes(something that you can slip over your good ones) for emergencies, a bag of sand, a shovel, extra windshield washer fluid, a pair of gloves, tire chains(if needed), flares to warn other traffic of your trouble. A short handled broom to sweep the snow off the rest of car. 9. Tuning the motor in the fall of the year, is so much better than after it stops on you in the middle of traffic in the dead of winter. Make sure everything is ready while the weather is still nice. 10. A cell phone is really handy if you are stuck or have car trouble, esepecially when you are stranded.(the time it should be used, not while driving.) 11. Check with your insurance company, if you have towing in your policy.( I didn't know till a tree fell on mine, I was covered.) 12. The battery should be in real good condition for winter time, the cold weather really zaps a battery in a hurry, the battery should be replaced every 3 or 4 years, they lose power after a while, I always get the most powerfull one that will fit in the battery holder. 13. Check (or have checked) all the belts on the motor for wear, if they look frayed or age cracked, have them replaced. ( some take a special tool to remove and replace them) When winter sets in, make sure all your windows are clear before your drive. (remember you have to watch out for the drivers who don't clean their windows, and try to avoid them) Safe Driving To You.

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